Jaap Kamphuis

Personal Website

Curriculum Vitae

1977                      Born in Vlissingen



1989-1995           Gymnasium, Greijdanus College, Zwolle

1997                     First year certificate, Law school, Utrecht University

2006                     BA Slavic languages & cultures (cum laude), University of Amsterdam

2008                     MA Slavic languages & cultures (cum laude), University of Amsterdam

2010-2015           PhD project: Verbal aspect in Old Church Slavonic


Professional experience

2008-2010           Project manager, Translation agency Trador

2010-2015           PhD Candidate, Leiden University

2010-2012           Co-editor Croatian-Dutch Dictionary, University of Amsterdam

2012-2013           Coordinator “Shared Eurasian MA”, Leiden University & University

                             of Amsterdam

2013                     Organizer “Centenary Conference of Slavic Studies”, Russian and Eurasian

                             studies, Leiden University

2013-2015           Information Officer, Leiden University


Personal Interests

Martial Arts (Muay Thai, Kickboxing)


Music (I play the piano)